No, Beauty is NOT in the Eye of the Beholder

She had taken the steps to be beautiful.

When she woke up, she put on her running shoes and stepped out into the cold morning, watching her breath float away as she hit the pavement. The snow on the trees reflected the rising sun.

She ate a wholesome breakfast of fruit and grains with almond milk in her coffee.

After her shower, she put on her facial toner and moisturizer, plucked her eyebrows, put on her pricey makeup and blow dried her hair.

She had taken the steps to be beautiful.

At 5am, the baby woke up crying to be fed. She let her feet drop on the floor next to her bed, feeling every movement as if she were swimming against a river current. When the baby had eaten, she put her in an infant swing and turned on a yoga video. The baby kept crying. After several attempts, she turned off the television with a sigh.

She skipped the shower. She brushed her hair. She put on her favorite shirt that covered the soft muscle of her post-baby belly and strapped on the baby carrier. She remembered hiking on the mountain when she was younger, when the only weight she carried was a backpack.

She had taken the steps to be beautiful.

She woke up to her phone ringing, another work emergency. She was up late trying to solve the previous one.

After a quick phone call, she looked outside at the rising rosy sun and couldn’t imagine stepping outside. She took her antidepressant and stepped on the scale. She thought for a moment about finally buying into that diet program.

She dreamed about all the things she would do one day. She would get that gym membership and go every afternoon. She would look in the mirror and see the young woman who once was, who used to run on cold mornings and drink almond milk in her coffee.

No, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is.

You are a piece of nature. You’re the snow glowing on the tree branches, the steep mountain trail, and the rosy sunset at dawn.

Why do we obsess over our beauty, a thing that already is?

When we wake up in the morning, we awake with a finite store of energy that begins to burn off the moment we put our feet on the floor.

Then we punish ourselves for not spending more than we have.

Imagine if we thought of money this way. I have this much money, why can’t I seem to spend it all, or spend more than I have and go into debt?

The only constant in life is that nothing is constant.

In one stage of life, we might have the energy and will to spend on keeping our appearance “perfect.”

For some people, maintaining a certain appearance is part of their job (models, influencers, stars).

But what if that energy needs to be spent on your mental health? On your work? On your family?

What’s wrong with a change in priorities?

It doesn’t make you lazy. It means that you understand which investments will give the most return.

Can “you have it all?” Yes, and you already do.

You already have it all. You just don’t have the resources to achieve the level of perfection you expect from yourself.

You want to look like that woman on Instagram? You better believe that she spends an enormous amount of energy maintaining her appearance, with less to spend on other things.

I’m not saying there’s something wrong with that. I’m saying that it was her choice.

And, we have a choice as well.

Let’s stop castigating ourselves for our humanity, and instead recognize ourselves as fragments of nature in a glorious, varied universe.

Instead of punishing ourselves for having a finite amount of energy, let’s gratefully accept and consciously invest the precious energy we have.

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¡Chao! Un abrazo.



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A.B. Kline

Former literature teacher, a writer and mommy with publications in Scary Mommy and Motherwell Magazine. Obsessions include: Spanish language and spicy nachos 😉